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District Treasurers

Welcome New District Treasurers !
From Peggy Rosier, FSARN Treasurer

If you have just been elected / re-elected Treasurer of your FSARN District? Congratulations and thanks for volunteering!

Because the Districts function under the same Tax ID Number (TIN#) as the FSARN Chapter, you can help the Chapter complete our annual tax return and keep our non-profit status by sending monthly reports to me. The items to send:

  • A copy of the bank statement (Checking and/or savings)
  • A copy of the check register (Photocopy or print electronic register)
  • A copy of the reconciliation sheet.

The check register should list to whom the check was written and the purpose of the expense. When you are writing a deposit in the register, please itemize the sources of income. The usual categories of income and expenses are:

Income Sources Expense Purposes

Advertising Newsletter (printing, postage)

Grants (e.g. sponsors) Office expense (postage, printing etc)

Interest Program expense (food, room fee, etc.)

Meeting/Program Registration Rent (Safety Deposit, storage)

Membership Dues Scholarship


If you are computer savvy, send a copy of both the monthly profit / loss statement from the Quicken / Quick Books and reconciliation report. If you are keeping hand-written records, just photocopy the actual page in which you write the checks and deposits. Then show your reconciliation that you do on the back of the bank statement. Electronic banking? Send a copy of the same items.

Note that there is no longer a category for "donations" in the expense column. Our accountant advises that if we have money to donate to causes other than the promotion of rehabilitation nursing and the education of members, we would no longer qualify as non-profit for our taxes.

Thanks, again, for all you do to keep FSARN a viable organization. I'm available to assist your District with its financial documentation or other questions.

Email: Peggy Rosier         14775 SW 18th Court Davie, FL 33325           Cell: 954-804-7300

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