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Certification in rehabilitation nursing shows employers, colleagues, patients, and the public that you are committed to excellence in caring for people with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses. It indicates that you you are an experienced rehabilitation or restorative nurse who has achieved a level of knowledge in this practice area. Certification is an investment that can reap great rewards. These include increased professional credibility, recognition of your expertise, greater impact as a job candidate, and a heightened sense of personal achievement.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for the CRRN examination must have:

1. Current, unrestricted RN license
2. Completion of at least one of the following at the time of application:

  • Within the five years preceding the examination, completion of two years of practice as a registered professional nurse in rehabilitation nursing; or
  • Within the five years preceding the examination, completion of one year of practice as a registered professional nurse in rehabilitation nursing and one year of advanced study (beyond baccalaureate) in nursing.

CRRN Renewal Update 4-15-19

ARN has posted changes to the renewal process for your CRRN status as have many national nursing credentialing organizations.  They want to ensure that your knowledge of the specialty continues to grow by application of the principles and not just continuing education.

ARN is requiring 1000 hours of rehabilitation nursing experience within the previous 5 years.  They state you do not have to count hours devoted to specific rehabilitation nursing tasks or roles.  Rehabilitation nursing is a philosophy of care and not limited to any specific setting or role.  Regardless of the setting or role, if you are working with individuals with physical disability or chronic illness toward the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal health--that is considered rehabilitation nursing.

You also need a current unrestricted nursing license and 60 points of credit.  You will need to attest that you have met the renewal requirements and verify your work experience.  You may complete your application online or by mail. 

FSARN Offers scholarships to tri-level members taking their CRRN exam.

ARN CRRN Application & Information

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